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This is a pretty simple webpage. You’re probably just here for the game – you can get the latest version via the download link above. If you didn’t follow a direct link here, improbable as that may be, read on to learn more.


Antagonist is a simple RPG created via a freeware engine. It should provide 4-8 hours of game time, assuming you’re not trying to rush through everything. The RPG is also a "Christian game," but in the sense that Ecclesiastes is a Christian book, not in the sense of gold WWJD bracelets. If you would like screenshots, look toward the bottom of the page.


There have been quite a few attempts at “Christian video games” over the years, with varying levels of funding and commitment. Though I would love to explore how a game can express a meaningful message, religious or otherwise, at the moment this market is a difficult one.

So I decided to make a game prototype, a rough vision of what I would like to see in the industry. I created the first version of the game from a pre-built engine in about three weeks and sent it to beta testers. Since then I’ve been trying to work on bugs, but as of right now the only available version is 1.0. It may not be perfect, but it shouldn’t break.

This isn’t exactly the game I wanted to create. Issues with graphics forced me to change certain elements and some characters were merged or deleted altogether. I had limited control over the combat system, given that many aspects were hard-coded. But I still feel that it captures the spirit of what I wanted – a game written to say something serious about Christianity, not merely an alternative to secular titles. It should also be fun to play, if you like the genre.


If you want to contact me, an email address can be found within the Readme file. Or you could return to The Project and find me as uc/uncreative pseudonym (if you didn’t know). Those addresses are for bugs and the like - I guess if you really want to talk about the game or ask questions you can do it on the forum. General Discussion is fine.


Just so you don't expect too much:

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